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IATT - Magnum Opus CD Digipak

 IATT - Magnum Opus CD Digipak

Digipak CD

IATT is pleased to once again team up with Black Lion Records for the follow-up to
2019’s Nomenclature; our new full-length album is entitled Magnum Opus.
We’ve meticulously crafted this album to leap from where Nomenclature left us
thematically. The listener is catapulted from the 1700s (Arsenic Ways) further
back in time to a much darker, older world and the esoteric sciences of Alchemy.
At this time man aimed to harness the world around him, bending the natural
elements in a quest to obtain power, knowledge, control, and even immortality
itself. Alchemy was the key to unlocking the secrets of existence and elevating
one’s self to the pinnacle of enlightenment through transmutation and
manipulation of the earthly elements. It was only through the process of Magnum
Opus (the great work) that alchemists could harness the elementals in their purest
form to create the Philosopher’s Stone - the key to power, enlightenment, and

Just as in alchemy itself, creating this album has been a journey of transformation
for us; a period of great growth as individuals and as a unit. It’s through adversity,
struggles, and the forging of the elements - of literal blood, sweat, and tears - we
strive to transcend and elevate to our highest selves, “the great work”, Magnum

Track list
1.Servitude, Subjugate
3.Prima Materia
4. Elixir of Immortality
5.Exculpate, Exonerate
6. Demiurgos (Architect of Disaster)
7. Planes of Our Existence
8. Seven Wandering Stars