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Dawn Of Existence - Ancients Arts CD Digipak (PRE-ORDER)

Dawn Of Existence - Ancients Arts  CD Digipak (PRE-ORDER)

This item is on pre-order. It will be available on 20 August 2024.

Emerging melodic death metal duo DAWN OF EXISTENCE is rising from the underground to release their new album, Ancient Arts. A ritualistic experience that explores themes of the occult, cosmology, history, fantasy, and the paranormal, Ancient Arts will carry you through the mists of the unknown and show you the eldritch sights from beyond the veil. The project serves as a testament in duality: as vicious and violent as it is elegant and melodic.


1. Marble Garden
2. Toe Up
3. Satan Spacelord
4. Mystic Serpent
5. Škoda 14
6. The Hierophant
7. Tides
8. Meet Me at the Stake