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IATT - Nomenclature Digipak CD

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IATT - Nomenclature Digipak CD

Blackened Progressive Extremists IATT
usher in a new era with their 2019 full-length Nomenclature. Packing a pummeling 10 tracks of ink-black madness; Nomenclature delves into themes of mysticism and the dark nature surrounding primitive medicine circa 1700. Tales of horror surrounding ghastly practices, diseases mistaken for malevolent forces, and the terrors of crude medicine set the stage for an auditory onslaught, sculpted with scalpel-like precision. Nomenclature will cast you into a world of science and occult/superstitions; the horrors of primitive medicine and malpractice. IATT brings forth a sinister blend of extremely blackened progression sure to leave you foaming at the mouth.

1. Cor Pulmonale
2. Realm Of Dysthymia
3. Powder Of Sympathy
4. Hijama
5. Steogenesis Imperfecta
6. Pseudobulbar Afect
7. Yersenia Pestis
8. Blade Of Trepanation
9. Asenic Ways